SES Toolbox for MATLAB / Simulink®

T. Pawletta, T. Schwatinski, A. Schmidt, D. Pascheka,
Research Group CEA, Wismar Univ. of Applied Sciences, Germany

The new version 1.7 is published. 
Please use this version, because it is much more stable (download from GitHub)
We will re-work all some information on this page soon.


Extended, "Closed Loop" SES/MB Infrastructure for Modeling & Simulation (based on the SES/MB framework introduced by B.P. Zeigler et al.)

The SES Toolbox has been developed by the research group Computational Engineering and Automation (CEA) at Wismar University of Applied Sciences. It is intended for ontology based modeling of system variants (system structures and parameter configurations) using the System Entity Structure (SES) in combination with basic dynamic systems organized in a Model Base (MB). It provides transformation methods for deriving unique system variants and for automatic building and execution of simulation models for the MATLAB/Simulink environment (and other ones are WIP).

The toolbox is based on the SES/MB research of B.P. Zeigler and co-workers. However, the toolbox also introduces new advanced concepts, which increase the flexibility of modeling using the SES ontology and extends the scope of application. Among other things, it introduces an input interface for SES models, combines the declarative specification with a procedural knowledge represemtation and provides additional features particularly useful in combination with the MATLAB/Simulink environment.

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