Distributed and Parallel Simulation Toolbox for use with Matlab(R) - MatlabDS

C. Stenzel

June 2009


The Distributed and Parallel Simulation Toolbox for use with Matlab (MatlabDS) allows the spatially distributed and concurrent execution of discrete-event simulations within Matlab. Therefore, MatlabDS contains a discrete-event simulation executive which can be extended by different interchangeable synchronization algorithms. A major reason for the development of this toolbox was the ability to study complex synchonization algorithms within an engineering tool, here namely Matlab.


If interoperability between different simulation components is achieved usually a costly reimplementation of existing software can be avoided. The methodology of parallel and distributed simulation is capable to achieve runtime interoperability between heterogeneous simulation components. Further on, especially large-scale discrete event-simulations can consume a huge amount of computation time and memory resources. In some cases, the usage of distributed and parallel simulation methods can help to reduce the overall computation time and can help to increase the scalability.


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