Research Seminars

Research seminars take place periodically to inform the group members about progress in the different projects.
If not specified differently, we meet at our laboratory, Build. 17, top floor, room 422.

Schedule SS 2018

Georg Kunert
Model- and Reality-Based Self-Learning Control for Joint-Arm Robots Using the Example of a Two-Player Application
Project Status
June 4th 2018, 14:15

Ernst Klimmey
Development of a Visualization Environment for Interactive Real-Time Marine Vessel Simulation
Master's Thesis Defence
May 28th 2018, 14:15

Alexander Martens
LON-Bus Simulation using SimEvents for Workload and Error Estimation
Project Status
May 22nd 2018, 14:15

David Jammer
Investigations to Real-Time Capability of the Single-Board Computer (SBC) Raspberry Pi 3
Bachelor's Thesis Defence
March 12th 2018, 14:00

Schedule WS 2017 / 2018

Georg Kunert
A Study on the Integration of Machine Learning into the Simulation-Based Control Framework of the Research Group CEA Using the Example of a Jointed-Arm Robot Application 
Disputation Master Thesis
January 29th 2018, 9:30

Georg Kunert
Reinforcement Learning  in the Context of the SBC Framework
Project Status
December 19th 2017, 13:00

David Jammer
Posix-Threads für Echtzeitanwendungen
December 5th 2017, 12:30

David Jammer
GPIO-Control via Low-Level-IO
December 5th 2017, 10:00

Georg Kunert
Machine Learning - Several Approaches of ML and Applications/Prospects for Master Thesis 
Project Status
November 14th 2017, 13:00

Hendrik Folkerts
Development of the SES Editor in Python
Project Status
November 14th 2017, 12:00

Ernst Klimmey
A Visualization Environment for Interactive Real-Time Simulation of Vessels
Project Status
November 02nd 2017, 10:00

Birger Freymann
Task-Based Multi-Robot Control
Project Status
October 17th 2017, 14:00

Schedule SS 2017

Lukas Sievert
Simulation Based Development of Controls for Multi-criteria Optimization of Manufacturing Process Chains, Particularly with Regard to Time-depending Energy Consumption
Disputation Master Thesis
May 05th 2017, 14:00

Hendrik Folkerts
Pure::Variants - Variant Management with Eclipse
Introduction to Concept
April 04th 2017, 15:00

Peter Junglas
PHWT Vechta/Diepholz/Oldenburg
SES Modelbuilder
Project Report
April 04th 2017, 13:00

Georg Kunert
Rendering - Parallel Calculations with Parallel Computing Toolbox in MATLAB
Project Report
March 28th 2017, 10:00

Research Meeting Centauro GmbH Vienna & FG CEA
V. Malisa, T. Kommenda
March 20th - 21st

Schedule WS 2016/2017

Ernst Klimmey
Physical Modeling with Simscape and OpenModelica
February 14th 2017, 13:00

Daniel Pascheka
SES-Editor MoSES - new SW-Architecture.
Project Status
January 31st 2017, 14:00

Research Meeting Liverpool John Moores Univ. & FG CEA 
I. Jenkinson, C. Matthews
January 24th - 25th
Development of an Open Source Library for Vessel Simulation
January 24th 2017, 13:00

Kai Ewert
Integration of an Electrical 2-jaw Parallel Gripper into Existing Software Tools of the Research Group CEA.
Disputation Master-Thesis
November 9th 2016, 14:00

Lukas Sievert
Project Status: Simulation-Based Development of a Control for Multicriterial Optimization of a Process Chain under Special Consideration of Energy Consumption
November 9th 2016, 15:00