MIMO-DLP Project (FhProfUnt)

MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)
DLP (Digital Light Processing)

The everlasting demand for bandwidth in communication has been satisfied by sophisticated developments in data, polarization, dense wavelength division multiplexing and by high level modulation schemes. For the further bandwidth increase, spatial multiplexing represents a possible solution. MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) proved to be an excellent solution in the wireless domain but has not been implemented in optical fibre systems yet. However, multipath propagation can be applied to the propagation of modes in optical waveguides as well, where the dispersion of a harmful acting mode is considered as a benefit.

Unfortunately, the selective activation of the different mode groups is still an open point. This limitation is expected to be overcome by merging the fiber optical technology, the MIMO signal processing and the MEM (micro-electro-mechanical) technology, which is in the focus of this project. This new approach should ensure a possibility to increase the channel capacity by several orders. As DLP (Digital Light Processing) components are based on the MEM (micro-electro-mechanical) technology, which is also used in modern projectors, the application of the DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology should provide an efficient excitation of different mode groups.