Fields of work in professional history

  • Use of generators and power electronic converters in wind turbines, during normal operation and low voltage ride through, (mixed mode simulation, control, load calculation, design, commissioning).
  • Definition of wind turbine concepts under consideration of power quality, efficiency, economics and reliability over life time.
  • Planning and implementation of high-voltage tests for the further development of lightning protection concepts of wind turbines.
  • Simulation of converter systems with DC current and voltage link, DC chopper, energy conversion AC / DC , DC / AC , DC / DC , offshore converter platforms , calculation of power system energy-transfer efficiency.
  • Solar systems in systems for renewable energy production, integration of analog and digital MPP controllers.
  • Simulation of on board power systems and develoment of models for components as generators, batteries, fuel cells, and power management functions.
  • Design, construction and programming of the control of a solar thermal power system with heat store for hot water generation and heating use.
  • develoment and commisionning of a hydrogen test plant to investigate injection valves for hydrogen.
  • application of hydrogen in energy systems, applying fuel cells oras bi-fuelled in diesel engines.