If a future student asks you, why should you study in Warnemünde?

Because shipping is currently at a crossroad when in terms of mainengines. By working here at the university students can help shape environmentally friendly systems. My favorites are hydrogen-based energy systems. All of these systems work with a high level of automation and ship electrical engineering has a lot to do with it. This means the electric drive systems, the integration of fuel cells, the storage and the necessary automation and safety systems. Our existing test and laboratory facilities allow us very good to train practical aspects for confident use of technology in working life. On the other hand, Rostock/Warnemünde is a nice  “place to live” with short distances. …to the beach, to the apartment or to the local student club “Sumpf” on campus or to the scene in Rostock.

Besides the university, where else are you involved?

With the “Sumpf” we have one of the two oldest student clubs that is still in student hands on campus. I'm trying to help here. In Ilmenau there is an association ISLE, Institute for Control and Power Electronics, of which I am a member. At Ball Whisperer e.V. we try to organize some sporting activity once a week in a recreational soccer team. Our students would also be welcome to get involved. I also help with club and youth work in regatta sailing at the Mecklenburg Yacht Club Rostock.

If you want to relax, what do you do in your free time?

In my free time in summer I like to go sailing, so I stay true to seafaring or optimize my renewable systems.

What advice would you give future students?

Successful studies require a good high school diploma and hard work right from the start. When you realize you have it under control, you can “afford” free time. If you're interested in technology, studying is really fun! Students should also network well with each other, not just before exams :-) but also later in their professional lives. This is the best way to counter fake news and have your own qualified opinion.

What would you like to see changed?

When I look at how we deal with “Mother” Earth, I can feel fear and anxiety. We don't need to talk about environmental concerns in wars. This is where politics comes into play. If we, each individually, wanted to change something, everyone can of course take action within their own sphere of influence. Some drink oat milk and shower every day, others take the train to work but go on vacation to America twice a year.

Significant changes, however, have to be decided in the top management. two examples:

1. There are 13kWh in 1 liter of diesel fuel, of which around 5kWh is used as hydrogen in the manufacturing process. If this hydrogen were to be produced from (wind) electricity using electrolysis, the diesel would “immediately” be around 40% “green”. Why isn't this happening? Because 1 kWh of hydrogen from natural gas costs around 1.5 cents, and from wind around 6 cents. This means that with 5 kWh used there would be a price difference of (6ct-1.5ct)*5kWh of 22.5ct, which would make each liter of diesel more expensive. With current (2024) freight rates and the profits of the last 2-3 years in shipping, it is absolutely affordable, but then the profits and thus the royalties of the company's board members would decline.

2. In the passenger car sector, car manufacturers are building significantly fewer small cars (Audi has discontinued the A1). Especially the economical models! Why? The "suggested desires" of citizens for large cars bring the corporations much more profit/vehicle. That goes to the consolidated result..... see above for the rest. Thank you for the “optimistic outlook”