Python-Based eSES/MB Infrastructure

Research Group CEA, Wismar Univ. of Applied Sciences, Germany
H. Folkerts


Extended SES/MB Infrastructure for Modeling and Simulation

The Python-based extended System Entity Structure / Model Base (eSES/MB) infrastructure has been developed by the research group Computational Engineering and Automation (CEA) at Wismar University of Applied Sciences. It is intended to automatically execute a number of simulation experiments using the components in the figure below. It extends the ideas of the SES/MB framework introduced by B.P. Zeigler with new modeling features, methods, and components. These extensions allow the automatic processing of SES as well as automatic model generation and execution.

The Python-based eSES/MB infrastructure consists of following tools:

    SES Editing and Processing Tool SESToPy
    Model Builder SESMoPy
    Experiment Control SESEcPy
    Execution Unit SESEuPy


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