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With the development of innovative technologies, engineers make an enormous contribution to mastering future challenges on an ecological, economic and social level. By means of technical know-how, creativity and teamwork, they design resource-saving concepts for the sustainable protection of nature.

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These concepts are ultimately applied in all areas of life – whether mobility, medical technology or the treatment of drinking water. By studying at the Faculty of Engineering, you become part of the team!

The Faculty of Engineering unites four Departments, which cooperate closely in teaching and research:

All Departments are located on the Wismar campus except for the Department of Maritime Studies, Systems Engineering and Logistics, which is located with its own campus in the seaside resort of Warnemünde, the northern district of the Hanseatic city of Rostock.

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Research is an important part of our faculty. It focuses on socially relevant, future-oriented issues, which we address in interdisciplinary and application-oriented projects. The development of networks and cooperation with research partners from science and industry is just as important as the promotion of young researchers.

Studying at the Faculty of Engineering

Study programme

English degree courses

Conditions for admission

Information and Electrical Engineering, Master

To be considered for admission to the Master’s programme in Information and Electrical Engineering, a candidate must submit proof of the following qualifications:

  • academic degree (Bachelor, Master, Diploma) in a related field of study obtained from a national or international university
  • first academic degree with at least 210 credit points (applicants with an academic degree totalling 180 credit points may obtain the residual 30 credit points by applying for an individual study plan which has to be confirmed by the examination board)
  • a sufficient and proven command of English (at least 70 points in the internet-based TOEFL test or the equivalent of 5.5 in the IETS)
Conditions for admission

Marine Engineering, binational German-Indonesian Bachelor, double-degree

The admission requirements in accordance with Articles 17 to 19 of Landeshochschulgesetz Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Regional University Act) must be fulfilled in order to be admitted to the course:

  • Higher education entrance qualification for universities and universities of applied sciences or
  • verification of another qualification acknowledged as being equivalent in the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or
  • passing an entrance examination after completing a period of vocational training, followed by at least three years of working in the profession 
  • passing an entrance examination after completing at least five years of working in the profession (for applicants without a higher education entrance qualification for universities and universities of applied sciences) or
  • passing an examination to complete an advanced training course to become a master craftsman/craftswoman in accordance with Berufsbildungsgesetz (German Vocational Training Act) or Handwerksordnung (German Skilled Trades Regulation Act), as amended from time to time, in a subject area appropriate to the intended course of study.

In addition, the admission requirements in accordance with the Indonesian Universities Act must be met. Credits from periods of study, course achievements and examinations can be transferred. The Board of Examiners will decide on the possibility of the transfer of such credits on a case-to-case basis.

Marine Engineering, binational German-Indonesian Master

  • First academic degree in marine engineering or a comparable study course at a national or international university
  • The overall grade of the certificate confirming this degree must be at least 2.5 for comparable grade systems or a GPA of 3.75/5.0 for non-comparable grade systems
  • A relevant professional practice can improve the overall grade in such a way that an improvement by 0.1 is possible for each completed professional year, but not more than 4 years
  • If the overall grade is 3.0 or worse, there is no approval in according to the decision of the examination board
Conditions for admission

Nautical Sciences/Transport Operations

To be considered for admission to the Bachelor’s programme in "Nautical Sciences/Transport Operations", a candidate must submit proof of the following qualifications:

  • University entrance qualification according to §§ 17 to 19 of the "Landeshochschulgesetzes M-V"


  • Proof of graduation from an Indonesian "Senior High School" (SMA, SMK or MA) and successfully passed national university entrance examination for Indonesia.

Students of the Bachelor's programme "Nautical Sciences/Transport Operations" are enrolled at Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design. The Bachelor's programme is offered by Wismar University of Applied Sciences in Indonesia, Semarang in cooperation with Politeknik Maritim Negeri Indonsia (PoliMARIN). PoliMARIN is a state-recognised institution for higher education with a focus on the maritime sector. The first five semesters are taught at PoliMARIN, the sixth and seventh semesters are reserved for the maritime internship and the last semester is taught at Wismar University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Graduates of the "Nautical Sciences/Transport Operations" programme are awarded a Bachelor's degree certificate from Wismar University of Applied Sciences.

The examinations following the pre-semester at PoliMARIN serve as admission requirements for enrolment at Wismar University of Applied Sciences.

Conditions for admission

Operation and Management of Maritime Systems, Master

  • Successful completion of an initial course of study providing professional qualifications (Bachelor’s degree, a German “Diplom” or comparable) of a German or foreign institute of higher education in economics or engineering-related subjects with at least 210 credits.
  •  If proof of the 210 credits cannot be furnished, application can be made to allow an additional, relevant period of practical working experience of 1 ½ years (in full-time employment) or 3 years (in part-time employment) to be counted towards these credits, whereby the maximum of 30 credits can be transferred.
  •  The overall mark shown on the certificate verifying successful completion of this course of study must be at least 2.5. If this overall mark is not achieved, a minimum of two engineering modules or the final paper must have been awarded a mark of 2.0 or higher.
  • Students will not be admitted to the course of study if the overall mark is 3.0 or lower. In individual cases, a decision will be taken in this matter by the Board of Examiners, although this shall remain an exceptions
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One of the most important key competences you can acquire as a student is self-organization. Term schedule, timetables, dates and deadlines for re-registration, examinations, leaves of absence, changing courses ...
You do not need to keep in mind all these dates, but check the latest information on our website from time to time. If you rather talk to to one of our friendly advisors, the SERVICE POINT might be your first choice.

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