Former Research Seminars

Schedule WS 2021

David Jammer
Research Talk
September 23th 2021

Schedule SS 2021

Georg Kunert and Christina Deatcu
Generation of RL Experiments using Extended SES Tools for Matlab/Simulink
Research Talk
August 27th 2021, 13:00, virtual seminar

Christina Deatcu
Extended SES/MB Tools for Matlab
Research Talk
June 18th 2021, 13:00, virtual seminar

Schedule WS 2020 / 2021

David Jammer
Research Talk
February 17th 2021, 10:00, virtual seminar

Georg Kunert
Reinforced Learning of a Traffic Light Control Compared to an Optimization Approach
Status PhD Project
February 1st 2021, 09:00, virtual seminar

Georg Kunert
Modeling Different Tasks of a Robot in SimEvents
Status PhD Project
December 11th 2020, 10:00, virtual seminar

Georg Kunert
Application Example for Complex Experiments According to A.
Schmidt Using Reinforcement Learning as Experiment Method

Status PhD Project
September 29th 2020, 09:00, virtual seminar

Hendrik Folkerts
Model Generation for Multiple Simulators Using SES/MB and FMI
Status PhD Project
September 17th 2020, 09:00, virtual seminar

Georg Kunert
Reinforcement Learning as a Complex Simulation-Based Experiment
Status PhD Project
September 9th 2020, 09:00, virtual seminar

Schedule SS 2020

Georg Kunert
Reinforcement Q-Learning + (Artificial) Neural Networks = Deep Q - Networks
Status PhD Project
June 24th 2020, 09:00, virtual seminar

Schedule WS 2019 / 2020

Georg Kunert
Human-Robot Collaboration with Reinforcement Learning in Context of Assembly
Status PhD Project
October 16th 2019, 12:30

Hendrik Folkerts
Model Specification and Automatic Model Generation for Multiple Simulators Using the eSES/MB Approach
Status PhD Project
October 7th 2019, 12:15

Ramon Ernst
Potential of ArtificiaI Intelligence to Improve Planning Efficiency in Development Projects
Master Thesis Defense
September 27th 2019, 09:00

Schedule SS 2019

David Jammer
Exploration of Parallel Computing Technologies for Simulation Applications
Master Thesis Defense
August 29th 2019, 10:00

Hendrik Folkerts
Usage of the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) with the eSES/MB Infrastructure
Info Talk
August 17th 2019, 10:00

Hendrik Folkerts
Introduction to the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI)
Info Talk
August 16th 2019, 10:00

Hendrik Folkerts
An Integrated Modeling, Simulation and Experimentation Environment in Python Based on SES/MB and DEVS
Research Talk
July 17th 2019, 10:00

Peter Junglas
Modeling with SimEvents 5 vor SimEvents 4 Modlers
Guest Talk
July 9th 2019, 13:00

Georg Kunert
Reinforcement Learning with Multiple Agents with the Case Study of the Labyrinth from the Diss G. Maletzki
Research Talk
June 27th 2019, 10:00

David Jammer
OpenCL - Matrix Multiplication
Info Talk
June 26th 2019, 10:00

Georg Kunert
A Literature Review in Context of Reinforcement Learning
Info Talk
May 29th 2019, 14:15

Georg Kunert
Accelerating Reinforcement Learning for Robot Controls Using Interim Rewards and Master/Slave Computing
Research Talk
May 8th 2019, 14:15

David Jammer
Introduction into GPU and OpenCL
Info Talk
April 10th 2019, 14:15

Schedule WS 2018 / 2019

David Jammer
Beschleunigung eines Reinforcement-Learning-Algorithmus durch Parallelverarbeitung für Robotikanwendungen
Research Talk
February 18th 2019, 13:00

Christina Deatcu
MATLAB/Simulink's Variant Manager vs SESToPy
Research Talk
February 18th 2019, 12:00

Hendrik Folkerts
A Python Framework for Model Specification and Automatic Model Generation for Multiple Simulators
Research Talk
February 18th 2019, 9:00

Alexander Martens
Automatische Modellbildung mittels SES/MB Framework und einer Template-Erweiterung
Research Talk
February 15th 2019, 10:00

Alexander Martens
LON-Bus Simulation using SimEvents for Workload and Error Estimation
Project Status
September 26th 2018, 14:00

Georg Kunert
Generation of Controls for Joint-Arm Robots Using Simulation-Based Reinforcement-Learning
Project Status
September 26th 2018, 13:00

Schedule SS 2018

Georg Kunert
Model- and Reality-Based Self-Learning Control for Joint-Arm Robots Using the Example of a Two-Player Application
Project Status
June 4th 2018, 14:15

Ernst Klimmey
Development of a Visualization Environment for Interactive Real-Time Marine Vessel Simulation
Master's Thesis Defence
May 28th 2018, 14:15

Alexander Martens
LON-Bus Simulation using SimEvents for Workload and Error Estimation
Project Status
May 22nd 2018, 14:15

David Jammer
Investigations to Real-Time Capability of the Single-Board Computer (SBC) Raspberry Pi 3
Bachelor's Thesis Defence
March 12th 2018, 14:00

Schedule WS 2017 / 2018

Georg Kunert
A Study on the Integration of Machine Learning into the Simulation-Based Control Framework of the Research Group CEA Using the Example of a Jointed-Arm Robot Application 
Disputation Master Thesis
January 29th 2018, 9:30

Georg Kunert
Reinforcement Learning  in the Context of the SBC Framework
Project Status
December 19th 2017, 13:00

David Jammer
Posix-Threads für Echtzeitanwendungen
December 5th 2017, 12:30

David Jammer
GPIO-Control via Low-Level-IO
December 5th 2017, 10:00

Georg Kunert
Machine Learning - Several Approaches of ML and Applications/Prospects for Master Thesis 
Project Status
November 14th 2017, 13:00

Hendrik Folkerts
Development of the SES Editor in Python
Project Status
November 14th 2017, 12:00

Ernst Klimmey
A Visualization Environment for Interactive Real-Time Simulation of Vessels
Project Status
November 02nd 2017, 10:00

Birger Freymann
Task-Based Multi-Robot Control
Project Status
October 17th 2017, 14:00

Schedule SS 2017

Lukas Sievert
Simulation Based Development of Controls for Multi-criteria Optimization of Manufacturing Process Chains, Particularly with Regard to Time-depending Energy Consumption
Disputation Master Thesis
May 05th 2017, 14:00

Hendrik Folkerts
Pure::Variants - Variant Management with Eclipse
Introduction to Concept
April 04th 2017, 15:00

Peter Junglas
PHWT Vechta/Diepholz/Oldenburg
SES Modelbuilder
Project Report
April 04th 2017, 13:00

Georg Kunert
Rendering - Parallel Calculations with Parallel Computing Toolbox in MATLAB
Project Report
March 28th 2017, 10:00

Research Meeting Centauro GmbH Vienna & FG CEA
V. Malisa, T. Kommenda
March 20th - 21st

Schedule WS 2016/2017

Ernst Klimmey
Physical Modeling with Simscape and OpenModelica
February 14th 2017, 13:00

Daniel Pascheka
SES-Editor MoSES - new SW-Architecture.
Project Status
January 31st 2017, 14:00

Research Meeting Liverpool John Moores Univ. & FG CEA 
I. Jenkinson, C. Matthews
January 24th - 25th
Development of an Open Source Library for Vessel Simulation
January 24th 2017, 13:00

Kai Ewert
Integration of an Electrical 2-jaw Parallel Gripper into Existing Software Tools of the Research Group CEA.
Disputation Master-Thesis
November 9th 2016, 14:00

Lukas Sievert
Project Status: Simulation-Based Development of a Control for Multicriterial Optimization of a Process Chain under Special Consideration of Energy Consumption
November 9th 2016, 15:00

Schedule WS 2015/2016

Daniel Pascheka
Status Report SES Editor Development in JAVA
October 22nd 2015, 15:00

Steffen Podelleck
Comparison of Physical Modelling Approaches in OpenModelica and MATLAB/Simscape
October 21st 2015, 12:30

Schedule SS 2015

Toni Ebert
Semi-Graphical Editor and Parser for the DEVS Tbx for MATLAB/Simulink
July 7th 2015, 13:00

Christina Deatcu
MATLAB/Simulink Based Rapid Control Prototyping for Multivendor Robot Applications
June 16th 2015, 13:00

Birger Freymann
Multi-Robot Controls with Varying Interaction Principles Based on the Simulation Based Control Framework and the Discrete Event System Specification Formalism
June 8th 2015, 13:00

Research Meeting BIBA Univ. Bremen & FG CEA 
M. Lütjen, D. Rippel
Project Overview to SFB 747: Simultaneous Engineering 
A. Schmidt: DFG Project Status
System Modeling Using the System Entity Structure / Model Base Framework Applied to Planing of Ressource Efficient Proces Chains 
March 18th 2015, 13:00

Research Meeting U. Durak, DLR Braunschweig
March 27th 2015, 15:00

Christoph Rasch
Ontology Based Testing of Dynamic Models Using the Example of Robot Trajectories
Disputation Master-Thesis
March 27th 2015, 14:00

Research Meeting P. Scholz, SAM Electronics GmbH Hamburg
March 19th 2015, 14:00

Birger Freymann
Object Oriented Programming with Matlab
March 19th 2015, 12:30

Daniel Pascheka
SES Toolbox Overview
March 12th 2015, 13:00

Schedule WS 2014/2015

Birger Freymann
Discussion on Design Changes of the Robotic Control Part of RCV Toolbox
January 29th 2015, 13:00

Christina Deatcu
Discussion on Design Changes of the Visualization Part of RCV Toolbox
January 29th 2015, 13:30

Birger Freymann
Status PhD Project: Multi-Robot Controls on Basis of the SBC Framework
January 29th 2015, 14:00

Schedule SS 2014

Felix Kohl
Investigation, Implementation and Validation of Concepts for Observer-Based Online Prediction of the Behavior of Test Systems in Automotive Engineering
Disputation Master-Thesis
August 28. 2014, 13:00

Daniel Pascheka
Ontology-Supported System Modeling and Simulation in MATLAB/Simulink
August 28. 2014, 14:00

Artur Schmidt
Hybrid Modeling of Manufacturing Process Chains with Energy Aspects within a Discrete Simulation Environment
August 28. 2014, 14:30

Peter Junglas, FHWT Vechta/Diepholz
What for does a Roboter need Linear Algebra?
Guest talk
March 24. 2014, 12:30

Schedule WS 2013/2014

Birger Freymann
Implementation of a Model Library for Interacting Robots in the MATLAB/DEVS Environment
Disputation Master-Thesis
February 2nd 2014, 15:30

Jan Wegener
3D-Scanning for Robot Applications
Project Presentation
December 19. 2013, 13:00

Michael Flau
Development of a Crew-Conferencing Application for a Prospective, Modular Server Architecture in an Aircraft Cabin
Disputation Master-Thesis
November 28. 2013, 13:00

Tobias Schwatinski
Geometric Algebra
October 30. 2013, 13:00

Research Meeting
DLR Braunschweig and CEA group
October 28. 2013, 10:00 - 16:30

Schedule SS 2013

Christoph Rasch
Development of a Coordinated Robot Application for Kawasaki FS300N
Disputation Bachelor-Thesis
April 25. 2013, 12:30

Daniel Pascheka
Use of Kinect as an Optical Measuring Instrument 
April 02. 2013, 16:00

Schedule WS 2012/2013

Gunnar Maletzki
Rapid Control Prototyping of Complex and Flexible Robot Controls Based on the SBC-Approach
February 26. 2013, 10:00

Artur Schmidt
Ontology-Based Modeling and Discrete Event Simulation in the Field of Resource Efficient Process Chain Planning Using MATLAB/SimEvents
February 12. 2013, 13:00

Tobias Schwatinski
Ontological Modeling and Automatic Model-Generation in MATLAB/Simulink: The Tiny SES Toolbox
February 12. 2013, 12:30

Christoph Rasch
Development of a CAD Interface for the MatlabKK-Visualization Toolbox
January 17. 2013, 17:45

Steffen Kühn, Richard Lüpken
Concept for the Design of a Graphical the SES Editor
November 18. 2012, 18:45

Artur Schmidt
Overview on Modelling with the SES (System Entity Structure)
November 18. 2012, 18:00

Schedule SS 2012

Tobias Pingel
Working with SimEvents and Stateflow - A Tutorial
August 09. 2012, 12:30

Modelling Using the System Entity Structure- Part II
July 20. 2012, 10:00

Modelling Using the System Entity Structure- Part I
July 19. 2012, 13:00

Tobias Schwatinski
Logical Programming
May 24. 2012, 14:15

Tobias Schwatinski
Flexible Task-oriented Multi-Robot Controls on Basis of the SES/MB and DEVS Formalism
Status Report PhD Project
April 03. 2012, 12:30

Michael Christern
Robot Integration and Visual Obstacle Detection with ROS
Disputation Master-Thesis
March 26. 2012, 10:00

Christina Kossow
Modelling Partners in Crime in Pancreatic Cancer - Application of a Hybrid Cellular Automaton
March 15. 2012, 12:30

Project Meeting
Model Based Planning of Energy Efficient Process Chains in Manufacturing
February 10. 2012, 11:30

Olaf Hagendorf
Simulation Based Evaluation and Optimization of System Structures Using a Graph Based Specification
February 08. 2012, 12:30

Schedule WS 2011/2012

Olaf Hagendorf, Arthur Schmidt
Model Based Planing of Energy Efficient Process Chains Using System Entity Structures
Status DFG Part II

December 06. 2011, 14:00

Tobias Schwatinski
Control Design for Multi-Robot-Systems - 
Investigation on State-of-the-Art of mobile Robots and Industrial Robots

December 06. 2011, 12:00

Olaf Hagendorf, Arthur Schmidt
Model Based Planing of Energy Efficient Process Chains Using System Entity Structures
Status DFG Part I

November 29. 2011, 15:00

Schedule SS 2011

Tobias Schwatinski
Flexible Task Oriented Robot Controls Using the System Entity Structure and Discrete Automata - Discussion And Comparision of Both Approaches
June 23. 2011, 12:30

Johannes Otto
Design of a Visualization Toolbox for Cooperating Kawasaki and Kuka Robots Using Matlab
Disputation Bachelor-Thesis
March 17. 2011, 13:00

Schedule WS 2010/11

Olaf Hagendorf
Status SES Toolbox
January 19. 2011, 14:30

Roland Larek
Resource-efficient Design of Manufacturing Process Chains through Simulation and Numerical Optimization
January 19. 2011, 12:30

Christian Steinbrecher
Torque Coordination of Spark Ignition Engine - Control of Processes with Auxiliary Actuating and Control Variables
Pre-Disputation PhD Thesis
November 11. 2010, 12:30

Schedule WS 2009/10

Tobias Schwatinski
Simulation-based Design and Operation of Controls on Basis of the DEVS-Theory
March 3. 2010, 12:30

Sachse, Link
KUKA Robot Control using the Phantom Omni Input System
February 24. 2010, 12:30

Tobias Pingel
Research on applying the Simulation Model based Control Approach to the mobile Robot CoroBot
Disputation Master Thesis 
February 23. 2010, 12:30

Tobias Schwatinski
DEVS-based Control of flexible Production and Robot Systems
Disputation Master Thesis 
January 27. 2010, 13:30

Dirk Rachholz
Animation of multi-dimensional Parameters for analyzing Noctilucent Clouds
Disputation Master Thesis 
January 27. 2010, 12:30

Stefan Behrendt
Observer Based Structures in Model Predictive Control
December 14. 2009, 12:30

Kathrin Ahlers
Modelling of Mechanical Losses of a Combustion Engine within a Scalable Engine Model
Disputation Master Thesis 
November 16. 2009, 12:30 (non-public)

Tobias Schwatinski
Continuous System Simulation - Fundamentals of QSS, QSS2, and BQSS: Introduced by Practical Applications
October 15. 2009, 10:00

Schedule SS 2009

Tobias Pingel
Status Report: Interfacing the Mobile Robot Platform COROBOT with MATLAB
June 25. 2009, 13:30

Christian Stenzel
Parallel and Distributed Simulation of Discrete Event Systems in Engineering Applications
June 25. 2009, 12:30

Christian Fritzsche
Predictive Speed and Torque Control
June 17. 2009, 12:30

Michael Christern, Arthur Schmidt
Stage of Work: Kawasaki Robot Commissioning - TCP/IP Communication, AS Language, PC-Roset Tool
June 10. 2009, 12:30

Tobias Schwatinski
Real-Time Control with DEVS
May 28. 2009, 12:30

Johannes Rösler
Research on generating Assembly Variants out of Exploded Drawings using Image Processing Methods
Disputation Diploma Thesis
May 6. 2009, 12:30

Michael Christern, Arthur Schmidt
Stage of Work: Kawasaki Robot Commissioning - TCP/IP Communication, AS Language, PC-Roset Tool
April 8. 2009, 12:30

Tobias Schwatinski
Discussion on Parallel DEVS - Fundamentals, Implementation with Matlab, Employment in RCP
April 1. 2009, 12:30

Sven Pawletta
General Discussion on Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP)
March 25. 2009, 12:30

Tobias Pingel
Design of a Rapid Prototyping Environment for Intelligent Robot Controls
March 18. 2009, 12:30

Stefan Behrendt
Real-Time MPC for Combustion Engines
Disputation Master Thesis
March 13. 2009, 14:15
Bldg.: 17, Room: 225

Schedule WS 2008/09

Artur Schmidt
Development of a Scilab/KRL Toolbox for Kuka KR3 Robots
January 21. 2009, 14:45

Michael Christern
Reengineering of Matlab/KRL Toolbox and KRL-Interpreter for Kuka KR3 Robots
January 21. 2009, 14:15

Bernd Lampe
Studies on the Applicability of Scilab as Computing Environment for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Disputation Diploma Thesis
December 11. 2008, 12:30

Christian Stenzel
Design, Configuration and Operation of the CEA Cluster
October 2. 2008, 12:30

September 17. 2008, Build 17, Room 315

Schedule SS 2008

Nils Langbehn
MMI-Framework Automation Interface Integration and Knowledge Base Design
Disputation Diploma Thesis
June 3. 2008, 12:30

Hans-Gernot Praetorius
Design of a Communication / Control Tool for a mobile Robot Vehicle using MATLAB / SIMULINK 
Disputation Diploma Thesis
April 30. 2008, 13:00
Bldg.: 17, Room: 225

Christian Fritzsche
Coordination of different affected and strongly limited Actuator Intervention within Mechatronical Systems 
March 27. 2008, 13:30

Nick Prestin
Design of a Software Component for the 'G4 Audio' Network Microphone
INTERSCHALT Maritime Systems 
Disputation Diploma Thesis (non-public)
March 27. 2008, 12:30

Schedule WS 2007/08

Andreas Schröder
Assembly of a Rendering Farm for Distributed Computing on heterogeneous Workstations
Disputation Diploma Thesis
January 24. 2008, 12:30
Bldg.: Rechenzentrum, Room: 120

Christian Kaiser
Research on application-orientated Realization of flexible Robot Controls - on the basis of Assembling Problems
December 20. 2007, 14:00

René Fink
SCEs and Parallel Computing
Disputation PhD Thesis
December 13. 2007, 14:00 c.t.
Warnemünde, Richard-Wagner-Str. 31, Bldg. 1, Room: WM 1128

Tobias Pingel
SCEs and Grid Computing
October 11. 2007, 12:30

Schedule SS 2007

Christian Fritzsche
Control of Processes with Auxiliary Actuating and Control Variables - Torque Coordination of Spark Ignition Engine
August 24. 2007, 14:00

Sven Feiks
TriCore-Microcontroller CAN-Bypass for real-time swapping of complex Computations
August 24. 2007, 13:30

Frank Stegemann
Model-Based Pressure Curve Simulation using the HCCI Combustion Process for DI Gasoline Engines
August 24. 2007, 13:00

Gunnar Maletzki & Christian Stenzel
Control Development and -Realisation of cooperating Robot Applications
August 22. 2007, 13:00

Christian Stenzel
Distributed Simulation - Basic Aspects
July 10. 2007, 10:30

Frank Stegemann
Basics of the Model-Based Pressure Curve Simulation using the HCCI Combustion Process for DI Gasoline Engines
June 21. 2007, 14:00

René Jugert
System Behaviour Simulation of a Motorcar Air-Conditioner using the Refrigerant CO2
May 24. 2007, 12:30

Frank Meller
Transformation of Event Graph Models (EGM) in DEVS
April 26. 2007, 12:30

Schedule WS 2006/07

Tobias Pingel
Grid Computing - Basic Aspects
December 07. 2006, 13:00

Andreas Schröder
Acceleration of Runtime Intensive Applications by Deploying Parallel Processing
December 07. 2006, 12:30

Michael Roscher
Genetic Algorithms for Optimization of Satellite Thermal Models
EADS Astrium Satellites, Friedrichshafen
viva-voce diploma thesis; October 19. 2006, 12:30

Dirk Rachholz
Development of Automated Software for Contents Representation of a Meteorological Database
IAP, Leibnitz-Institut für Atmosphärenphysik e.V., Kühlungsborn
viva-voce diploma thesis; October 12. 2006, 12:30

Thomas Weber
Investigation on Efficiency and Robustness of Audio Technologies for Automated Documentation of Measured Data
viva-voce master thesis; September 28. 2006, 12:30

Schedule SS 2006

Christian Stenzel
Distributed and Parallel Simulation in Context of General Distributed and Parallel Processing - Application of HLA Technology in Ship Design
viva-voce master thesis; August 30. 2006, 10:30

Tobias Prien
Examination of Impact of Engine Parameters on Exhaust Port Sound
Audi AG Ingolstadt
viva-voce diploma thesis; August 30. 2006, 10:00

Andreas Liebeke
FEM Vibration Model of Sheed Fed Offset Printing Machines
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
viva-voce diploma thesis; August 30. 2006, 9:00

Dirk Jaetzel
Simulation of Passenger Car's Cooling Circuit with Modelica/Dymola
viva-voce diploma thesis; May 17. 2006, 11:30

Virtual Automation Systems
Mar. 23. 2006, 13:00

Tobias Pingel
Comparison of Different Structures for Distributed Computing for Search of Optimal Balanced Codes for Optical CDMA
Mar. 09. 2006, 12:30

Björn Stenfeldt
Acceleration of a Cluster Method for Optical Transfer Functions
viva-voce diploma thesis; Mar. 02. 2006, 13:15
( closed session, for group members only)

Michael Reppenhagen
Embedding Audio Technologies into Engineering Environments and Technical Applications
viva-voce diploma thesis; Mar. 02. 2006, 12:30

René Fink 
status PhD project;

Thorsten Pawletta 
State of the Art in Discrete Event Modeling & Simulation
An Overview

WS 2005/2006

Andreas Schröder
Jan. 19. 2006, 10:00

Tino Hallmann
Application of QNX and RT-LAB
Jan. 12. 2006, 14:00

Olaf Hagendorf
Object Oriented Programming with Matlab
New Features of the Current Matlab Release

Nov. 24. 2005, 14:00

Gunnar Maletzki
Modelling and Simulation with Statecharts
New Features of the Current Stateflow Release

Nov. 17. 2005, 14:00

Steffen Schley 
Development of an Universal Robot Gripper
project status; Oct. 20. 2005, 15:00

SS 2005

Renaldo Jörn 
Transaction-based Modeling within Matlab/Simulink 
project presentation; Sept. 08. 2005, 13:00

Georg Kindel
Weiterführende Leistungsanalyse eines Parallelverarbeitungssystems
project presentation; Sept. 01. 2005, 10:30

Olaf Hagendorf
The MatlabDEVS Toolbox and its Application 
status PhD project; Jun. 02. 2005, 12:30

Gunnar Maletzki 
Programming Techniques for Robot Control
and Application at Real-time Scheduling
status PhD project; Jun. 02. 2005, 12:30

Christina Deatcu 
Distributed Simulation-based Control of Discrete Event Systems
Using HLA - An Overview
status project; May. 26. 2005, 15:00

Jacky Ölscher
Methoden zur Abschätzung des Zylinderdrucks und des Lastmomentes
status PhD project; Apr. 28. 2005, 12:30

Martin Kremp 
Matlab's Genetic Algorithm Toolbox and its Application at
Simulation-based Real-time Scheduling
Apr. 7. 2005, 12:30

Christian Stenzel 
HLA Evolved and Civil Applications 
Mar. 31. 2005, 16:00

Christian Stenzel 
Zusammenfassung der Beitraege des HLA-Forums
(2.3.2005 Magdeburg)
conference summary; Mar. 17. 2005, 14:30

Rene Fink 
Zusammenfassung der Tagung 
"Computational Engineering - Forschung und Lehre" 
(23./24.2.2005 Darmstadt)
conference summary; Mar. 17. 2005, 14:00

WS 2004/2005

Gunnar Maletzki 
Industrial Robot Control using Matlab/Stateflow
MEng. project disputation; Feb. 18. 2005; 10:15
Build. 17, KuKa Laboratory

Georg Kindel 
Performance Analysis of a Parallel Processing System
project disputation; Feb. 10. 2005, 12:30

Martin Kremp
Optimisation Methods and Simulation
status PhD project; Jan. 20. 2005

Renaldo Joern 
Matlab GPSS
project disputation; Jan. 13. 2005, 13:00

Christian Stenzel 
Distributed Simulation / HLA
diploma disputation; Jan. 13. 2005, 12:30

Olaf Hagendorf 
Working Highlights of the SyntaX Software Company;
DEVS-based Simulation and Structure Optimisation 

status PhD project; Jan. 6. 2005, 12:30

Jacky Oelscher 
Zylinderdruck basiertes Motormanagement
status PhD project; Dec. 9. 2004, 12:30

Andreas Schroeder 
introductory talk; Dec. 2. 2004, 13:00

Georg Kindel 
Performance Analysis of a Parallel Processing System
status project; Dec. 2. 2004, 12:30

Rene Fink 
Parallel Processing with SCEs
status PhD project; Nov. 25. 2004, 10:00

SS 2004

René Fink
MATLAB-based parallel optimization with integrated simulation
pre-presentation EUROSIM'04/Paris contribution; Aug. 30. 2004

Jaecky Oelscher 
Statistical Analysis of the dynamic behaviour of scrap baling presses
diploma disputation; Aug. 30. 2004

Christian Stenzel 
tutorial & status Matlab/HLA; Aug. 05. 2004

Jacky Ölscher
State Monitoring for RAS III
current status; May 27. 2004

Dr. Krzysztof Opzedkiewicz; State Higher Vocational School Tarnow, Poland;
Meeting of Hard Real-Time Requirements at PLC Systems
invited talk; May 11. 2004

Wolf-Christian Schmidt
An HIL System for Testing ECUs
diploma disputation; May 07. 2004

Gunnar Maletzki
KuKa Robot Coupling with Stateflow
current status; Mar. 29. 2004

WS 2003/2004

Jacky Ölscher
Speech Pattern Recognition with Matlab
final status; Feb. 27. 2004

Norman Biehl
Investigations about the Integration of External Functionality into the Matlab Environment
diploma disputation; Feb. 27. 2004

Krzysztof Maslanka
Matlab Toolbox for KuKa Robot Control
diploma disputation; Feb. 27. 2004

Adam Machet
Integration of 3D-Positioning System in an Industrial Robot System
diploma dissertation; Feb. 27. 2004

René Fink
Development of a New Benchmark Suite for Evaluating
Parallel Simulation Techniques

diploma disputation; Feb. 24. 2004

Gunar Maletzki, Peter Dünow
Motion Programming KuKa Robot
current status; Feb. 17. 2004

Christina Deatcu
MatlabDEVS Toolbox
current status; Nov. 28. 2003

René Fink
Comparison on Parallel Simulation Techniques
project disputation; Nov. 10. 2003

Peter Dünow
Introduction KuKa Robot
tutorial; Oct. 28. 2003

Andreas Führ
Solid Process Simulation
project disputation; Oct. 27. 2003

Gunnar Maletzki
Simulation Based Robot Control
current status MEng. project; Oct. 27. 2003

Gunnar Maletzki
Conclusion of Problems in Process Coupled Simulation with Stateflow
final overview; Oct. 23. 2003

Martin Kremp
Process Coupled Simulation
current status; Oct. 17. 2003

Christian Stenzel
HLA within Matlab
current status; Oct. 10. 2003

Jacky Ölscher
Speech Pattern Recognition with Matlab
current status; Oct. 02. 2003