Former Research Seminars

Schedule WS 2015/2016

Daniel Pascheka
Status Report SES Editor Development in JAVA
October 22nd 2015, 15:00

Steffen Podelleck
Comparison of Physical Modelling Approaches in OpenModelica and MATLAB/Simscape
October 21st 2015, 12:30

Schedule SS 2015

Toni Ebert
Semi-Graphical Editor and Parser for the DEVS Tbx for MATLAB/Simulink
July 7th 2015, 13:00

Christina Deatcu
MATLAB/Simulink Based Rapid Control Prototyping for Multivendor Robot Applications
June 16th 2015, 13:00

Birger Freymann
Multi-Robot Controls with Varying Interaction Principles Based on the Simulation Based Control Framework and the Discrete Event System Specification Formalism
June 8th 2015, 13:00

Research Meeting BIBA Univ. Bremen & FG CEA 
M. Lütjen, D. Rippel
Project Overview to SFB 747: Simultaneous Engineering 
A. Schmidt: DFG Project Status
System Modeling Using the System Entity Structure / Model Base Framework Applied to Planing of Ressource Efficient Proces Chains 
March 18th 2015, 13:00

Research Meeting U. Durak, DLR Braunschweig
March 27th 2015, 15:00

Christoph Rasch
Ontology Based Testing of Dynamic Models Using the Example of Robot Trajectories
Disputation Master-Thesis
March 27th 2015, 14:00

Research Meeting P. Scholz, SAM Electronics GmbH Hamburg
March 19th 2015, 14:00

Birger Freymann
Object Oriented Programming with Matlab
March 19th 2015, 12:30

Daniel Pascheka
SES Toolbox Overview
March 12th 2015, 13:00

Schedule WS 2014/2015

Birger Freymann
Discussion on Design Changes of the Robotic Control Part of RCV Toolbox
January 29th 2015, 13:00

Christina Deatcu
Discussion on Design Changes of the Visualization Part of RCV Toolbox
January 29th 2015, 13:30

Birger Freymann
Status PhD Project: Multi-Robot Controls on Basis of the SBC Framework
January 29th 2015, 14:00

Schedule SS 2014

Felix Kohl
Investigation, Implementation and Validation of Concepts for Observer-Based Online Prediction of the Behavior of Test Systems in Automotive Engineering
Disputation Master-Thesis
August 28. 2014, 13:00

Daniel Pascheka
Ontology-Supported System Modeling and Simulation in MATLAB/Simulink
August 28. 2014, 14:00

Artur Schmidt
Hybrid Modeling of Manufacturing Process Chains with Energy Aspects within a Discrete Simulation Environment
August 28. 2014, 14:30

Peter Junglas, FHWT Vechta/Diepholz
What for does a Roboter need Linear Algebra?
Guest talk
March 24. 2014, 12:30

Schedule WS 2013/2014

Birger Freymann
Implementation of a Model Library for Interacting Robots in the MATLAB/DEVS Environment
Disputation Master-Thesis
February 2nd 2014, 15:30

Jan Wegener
3D-Scanning for Robot Applications
Project Presentation
December 19. 2013, 13:00

Michael Flau
Development of a Crew-Conferencing Application for a Prospective, Modular Server Architecture in an Aircraft Cabin
Disputation Master-Thesis
November 28. 2013, 13:00

Tobias Schwatinski
Geometric Algebra
October 30. 2013, 13:00

Research Meeting
DLR Braunschweig and CEA group
October 28. 2013, 10:00 - 16:30

Schedule SS 2013

Christoph Rasch
Development of a Coordinated Robot Application for Kawasaki FS300N
Disputation Bachelor-Thesis
April 25. 2013, 12:30

Daniel Pascheka
Use of Kinect as an Optical Measuring Instrument 
April 02. 2013, 16:00

Schedule WS 2012/2013

Gunnar Maletzki
Rapid Control Prototyping of Complex and Flexible Robot Controls Based on the SBC-Approach
February 26. 2013, 10:00

Artur Schmidt
Ontology-Based Modeling and Discrete Event Simulation in the Field of Resource Efficient Process Chain Planning Using MATLAB/SimEvents
February 12. 2013, 13:00

Tobias Schwatinski
Ontological Modeling and Automatic Model-Generation in MATLAB/Simulink: The Tiny SES Toolbox
February 12. 2013, 12:30

Christoph Rasch
Development of a CAD Interface for the MatlabKK-Visualization Toolbox
January 17. 2013, 17:45

Steffen Kühn, Richard Lüpken
Concept for the Design of a Graphical the SES Editor
November 18. 2012, 18:45

Artur Schmidt
Overview on Modelling with the SES (System Entity Structure)
November 18. 2012, 18:00

Schedule SS 2012

Tobias Pingel
Working with SimEvents and Stateflow - A Tutorial
August 09. 2012, 12:30

Modelling Using the System Entity Structure- Part II
July 20. 2012, 10:00

Modelling Using the System Entity Structure- Part I
July 19. 2012, 13:00

Tobias Schwatinski
Logical Programming
May 24. 2012, 14:15

Tobias Schwatinski
Flexible Task-oriented Multi-Robot Controls on Basis of the SES/MB and DEVS Formalism
Status Report PhD Project
April 03. 2012, 12:30

Michael Christern
Robot Integration and Visual Obstacle Detection with ROS
Disputation Master-Thesis
March 26. 2012, 10:00

Christina Kossow
Modelling Partners in Crime in Pancreatic Cancer - Application of a Hybrid Cellular Automaton
March 15. 2012, 12:30

Project Meeting
Model Based Planning of Energy Efficient Process Chains in Manufacturing
February 10. 2012, 11:30

Olaf Hagendorf
Simulation Based Evaluation and Optimization of System Structures Using a Graph Based Specification
February 08. 2012, 12:30

Schedule WS 2011/2012

Olaf Hagendorf, Arthur Schmidt
Model Based Planing of Energy Efficient Process Chains Using System Entity Structures
Status DFG Part II

December 06. 2011, 14:00

Tobias Schwatinski
Control Design for Multi-Robot-Systems - 
Investigation on State-of-the-Art of mobile Robots and Industrial Robots

December 06. 2011, 12:00

Olaf Hagendorf, Arthur Schmidt
Model Based Planing of Energy Efficient Process Chains Using System Entity Structures
Status DFG Part I

November 29. 2011, 15:00

Schedule SS 2011

Tobias Schwatinski
Flexible Task Oriented Robot Controls Using the System Entity Structure and Discrete Automata - Discussion And Comparision of Both Approaches
June 23. 2011, 12:30

Johannes Otto
Design of a Visualization Toolbox for Cooperating Kawasaki and Kuka Robots Using Matlab
Disputation Bachelor-Thesis
March 17. 2011, 13:00

Schedule WS 2010/11

Olaf Hagendorf
Status SES Toolbox
January 19. 2011, 14:30

Roland Larek
Resource-efficient Design of Manufacturing Process Chains through Simulation and Numerical Optimization
January 19. 2011, 12:30

Christian Steinbrecher
Torque Coordination of Spark Ignition Engine - Control of Processes with Auxiliary Actuating and Control Variables
Pre-Disputation PhD Thesis
November 11. 2010, 12:30

Schedule WS 2009/10

Tobias Schwatinski
Simulation-based Design and Operation of Controls on Basis of the DEVS-Theory
March 3. 2010, 12:30

Sachse, Link
KUKA Robot Control using the Phantom Omni Input System
February 24. 2010, 12:30

Tobias Pingel
Research on applying the Simulation Model based Control Approach to the mobile Robot CoroBot
Disputation Master Thesis 
February 23. 2010, 12:30

Tobias Schwatinski
DEVS-based Control of flexible Production and Robot Systems
Disputation Master Thesis 
January 27. 2010, 13:30

Dirk Rachholz
Animation of multi-dimensional Parameters for analyzing Noctilucent Clouds
Disputation Master Thesis 
January 27. 2010, 12:30

Stefan Behrendt
Observer Based Structures in Model Predictive Control
December 14. 2009, 12:30

Kathrin Ahlers
Modelling of Mechanical Losses of a Combustion Engine within a Scalable Engine Model
Disputation Master Thesis 
November 16. 2009, 12:30 (non-public)

Tobias Schwatinski
Continuous System Simulation - Fundamentals of QSS, QSS2, and BQSS: Introduced by Practical Applications
October 15. 2009, 10:00

Schedule SS 2009

Tobias Pingel
Status Report: Interfacing the Mobile Robot Platform COROBOT with MATLAB
June 25. 2009, 13:30

Christian Stenzel
Parallel and Distributed Simulation of Discrete Event Systems in Engineering Applications
June 25. 2009, 12:30

Christian Fritzsche
Predictive Speed and Torque Control
June 17. 2009, 12:30

Michael Christern, Arthur Schmidt
Stage of Work: Kawasaki Robot Commissioning - TCP/IP Communication, AS Language, PC-Roset Tool
June 10. 2009, 12:30

Tobias Schwatinski
Real-Time Control with DEVS
May 28. 2009, 12:30

Johannes Rösler
Research on generating Assembly Variants out of Exploded Drawings using Image Processing Methods
Disputation Diploma Thesis
May 6. 2009, 12:30

Michael Christern, Arthur Schmidt
Stage of Work: Kawasaki Robot Commissioning - TCP/IP Communication, AS Language, PC-Roset Tool
April 8. 2009, 12:30

Tobias Schwatinski
Discussion on Parallel DEVS - Fundamentals, Implementation with Matlab, Employment in RCP
April 1. 2009, 12:30

Sven Pawletta
General Discussion on Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP)
March 25. 2009, 12:30

Tobias Pingel
Design of a Rapid Prototyping Environment for Intelligent Robot Controls
March 18. 2009, 12:30

Stefan Behrendt
Real-Time MPC for Combustion Engines
Disputation Master Thesis
March 13. 2009, 14:15
Bldg.: 17, Room: 225

Schedule WS 2008/09

Artur Schmidt
Development of a Scilab/KRL Toolbox for Kuka KR3 Robots
January 21. 2009, 14:45

Michael Christern
Reengineering of Matlab/KRL Toolbox and KRL-Interpreter for Kuka KR3 Robots
January 21. 2009, 14:15

Bernd Lampe
Studies on the Applicability of Scilab as Computing Environment for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Disputation Diploma Thesis
December 11. 2008, 12:30

Christian Stenzel
Design, Configuration and Operation of the CEA Cluster
October 2. 2008, 12:30

September 17. 2008, Build 17, Room 315

Schedule SS 2008

Nils Langbehn
MMI-Framework Automation Interface Integration and Knowledge Base Design
Disputation Diploma Thesis
June 3. 2008, 12:30

Hans-Gernot Praetorius
Design of a Communication / Control Tool for a mobile Robot Vehicle using MATLAB / SIMULINK 
Disputation Diploma Thesis
April 30. 2008, 13:00
Bldg.: 17, Room: 225

Christian Fritzsche
Coordination of different affected and strongly limited Actuator Intervention within Mechatronical Systems 
March 27. 2008, 13:30

Nick Prestin
Design of a Software Component for the 'G4 Audio' Network Microphone
INTERSCHALT Maritime Systems 
Disputation Diploma Thesis (non-public)
March 27. 2008, 12:30

Schedule WS 2007/08

Andreas Schröder
Assembly of a Rendering Farm for Distributed Computing on heterogeneous Workstations
Disputation Diploma Thesis
January 24. 2008, 12:30
Bldg.: Rechenzentrum, Room: 120

Christian Kaiser
Research on application-orientated Realization of flexible Robot Controls - on the basis of Assembling Problems
December 20. 2007, 14:00

René Fink
SCEs and Parallel Computing
Disputation PhD Thesis
December 13. 2007, 14:00 c.t.
Warnemünde, Richard-Wagner-Str. 31, Bldg. 1, Room: WM 1128

Tobias Pingel
SCEs and Grid Computing
October 11. 2007, 12:30

Schedule SS 2007

Christian Fritzsche
Control of Processes with Auxiliary Actuating and Control Variables - Torque Coordination of Spark Ignition Engine
August 24. 2007, 14:00

Sven Feiks
TriCore-Microcontroller CAN-Bypass for real-time swapping of complex Computations
August 24. 2007, 13:30

Frank Stegemann
Model-Based Pressure Curve Simulation using the HCCI Combustion Process for DI Gasoline Engines
August 24. 2007, 13:00

Gunnar Maletzki & Christian Stenzel
Control Development and -Realisation of cooperating Robot Applications
August 22. 2007, 13:00

Christian Stenzel
Distributed Simulation - Basic Aspects
July 10. 2007, 10:30

Frank Stegemann
Basics of the Model-Based Pressure Curve Simulation using the HCCI Combustion Process for DI Gasoline Engines
June 21. 2007, 14:00

René Jugert
System Behaviour Simulation of a Motorcar Air-Conditioner using the Refrigerant CO2
May 24. 2007, 12:30

Frank Meller
Transformation of Event Graph Models (EGM) in DEVS
April 26. 2007, 12:30

Schedule WS 2006/07

Tobias Pingel
Grid Computing - Basic Aspects
December 07. 2006, 13:00

Andreas Schröder
Acceleration of Runtime Intensive Applications by Deploying Parallel Processing
December 07. 2006, 12:30

Michael Roscher
Genetic Algorithms for Optimization of Satellite Thermal Models
EADS Astrium Satellites, Friedrichshafen
viva-voce diploma thesis; October 19. 2006, 12:30

Dirk Rachholz
Development of Automated Software for Contents Representation of a Meteorological Database
IAP, Leibnitz-Institut für Atmosphärenphysik e.V., Kühlungsborn
viva-voce diploma thesis; October 12. 2006, 12:30

Thomas Weber
Investigation on Efficiency and Robustness of Audio Technologies for Automated Documentation of Measured Data
viva-voce master thesis; September 28. 2006, 12:30

Schedule SS 2006

Christian Stenzel
Distributed and Parallel Simulation in Context of General Distributed and Parallel Processing - Application of HLA Technology in Ship Design
viva-voce master thesis; August 30. 2006, 10:30

Tobias Prien
Examination of Impact of Engine Parameters on Exhaust Port Sound
Audi AG Ingolstadt
viva-voce diploma thesis; August 30. 2006, 10:00

Andreas Liebeke
FEM Vibration Model of Sheed Fed Offset Printing Machines
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
viva-voce diploma thesis; August 30. 2006, 9:00

Dirk Jaetzel
Simulation of Passenger Car's Cooling Circuit with Modelica/Dymola
viva-voce diploma thesis; May 17. 2006, 11:30

Virtual Automation Systems
Mar. 23. 2006, 13:00

Tobias Pingel
Comparison of Different Structures for Distributed Computing for Search of Optimal Balanced Codes for Optical CDMA
Mar. 09. 2006, 12:30

Björn Stenfeldt
Acceleration of a Cluster Method for Optical Transfer Functions
viva-voce diploma thesis; Mar. 02. 2006, 13:15
( closed session, for group members only)

Michael Reppenhagen
Embedding Audio Technologies into Engineering Environments and Technical Applications
viva-voce diploma thesis; Mar. 02. 2006, 12:30

René Fink 
status PhD project;

Thorsten Pawletta 
State of the Art in Discrete Event Modeling & Simulation
An Overview

WS 2005/2006

Andreas Schröder
Jan. 19. 2006, 10:00

Tino Hallmann
Application of QNX and RT-LAB
Jan. 12. 2006, 14:00

Olaf Hagendorf
Object Oriented Programming with Matlab
New Features of the Current Matlab Release

Nov. 24. 2005, 14:00

Gunnar Maletzki
Modelling and Simulation with Statecharts
New Features of the Current Stateflow Release

Nov. 17. 2005, 14:00

Steffen Schley 
Development of an Universal Robot Gripper
project status; Oct. 20. 2005, 15:00

SS 2005

Renaldo Jörn 
Transaction-based Modeling within Matlab/Simulink 
project presentation; Sept. 08. 2005, 13:00

Georg Kindel
Weiterführende Leistungsanalyse eines Parallelverarbeitungssystems
project presentation; Sept. 01. 2005, 10:30

Olaf Hagendorf
The MatlabDEVS Toolbox and its Application 
status PhD project; Jun. 02. 2005, 12:30

Gunnar Maletzki 
Programming Techniques for Robot Control
and Application at Real-time Scheduling
status PhD project; Jun. 02. 2005, 12:30

Christina Deatcu 
Distributed Simulation-based Control of Discrete Event Systems
Using HLA - An Overview
status project; May. 26. 2005, 15:00

Jacky Ölscher
Methoden zur Abschätzung des Zylinderdrucks und des Lastmomentes
status PhD project; Apr. 28. 2005, 12:30

Martin Kremp 
Matlab's Genetic Algorithm Toolbox and its Application at
Simulation-based Real-time Scheduling
Apr. 7. 2005, 12:30

Christian Stenzel 
HLA Evolved and Civil Applications 
Mar. 31. 2005, 16:00

Christian Stenzel 
Zusammenfassung der Beitraege des HLA-Forums
(2.3.2005 Magdeburg)
conference summary; Mar. 17. 2005, 14:30

Rene Fink 
Zusammenfassung der Tagung 
"Computational Engineering - Forschung und Lehre" 
(23./24.2.2005 Darmstadt)
conference summary; Mar. 17. 2005, 14:00

WS 2004/2005

Gunnar Maletzki 
Industrial Robot Control using Matlab/Stateflow
MEng. project disputation; Feb. 18. 2005; 10:15
Build. 17, KuKa Laboratory

Georg Kindel 
Performance Analysis of a Parallel Processing System
project disputation; Feb. 10. 2005, 12:30

Martin Kremp
Optimisation Methods and Simulation
status PhD project; Jan. 20. 2005

Renaldo Joern 
Matlab GPSS
project disputation; Jan. 13. 2005, 13:00

Christian Stenzel 
Distributed Simulation / HLA
diploma disputation; Jan. 13. 2005, 12:30

Olaf Hagendorf 
Working Highlights of the SyntaX Software Company;
DEVS-based Simulation and Structure Optimisation 

status PhD project; Jan. 6. 2005, 12:30

Jacky Oelscher 
Zylinderdruck basiertes Motormanagement
status PhD project; Dec. 9. 2004, 12:30

Andreas Schroeder 
introductory talk; Dec. 2. 2004, 13:00

Georg Kindel 
Performance Analysis of a Parallel Processing System
status project; Dec. 2. 2004, 12:30

Rene Fink 
Parallel Processing with SCEs
status PhD project; Nov. 25. 2004, 10:00

SS 2004

René Fink
MATLAB-based parallel optimization with integrated simulation
pre-presentation EUROSIM'04/Paris contribution; Aug. 30. 2004

Jaecky Oelscher 
Statistical Analysis of the dynamic behaviour of scrap baling presses
diploma disputation; Aug. 30. 2004

Christian Stenzel 
tutorial & status Matlab/HLA; Aug. 05. 2004

Jacky Ölscher
State Monitoring for RAS III
current status; May 27. 2004

Dr. Krzysztof Opzedkiewicz; State Higher Vocational School Tarnow, Poland;
Meeting of Hard Real-Time Requirements at PLC Systems
invited talk; May 11. 2004

Wolf-Christian Schmidt
An HIL System for Testing ECUs
diploma disputation; May 07. 2004

Gunnar Maletzki
KuKa Robot Coupling with Stateflow
current status; Mar. 29. 2004

WS 2003/2004

Jacky Ölscher
Speech Pattern Recognition with Matlab
final status; Feb. 27. 2004

Norman Biehl
Investigations about the Integration of External Functionality into the Matlab Environment
diploma disputation; Feb. 27. 2004

Krzysztof Maslanka
Matlab Toolbox for KuKa Robot Control
diploma disputation; Feb. 27. 2004

Adam Machet
Integration of 3D-Positioning System in an Industrial Robot System
diploma dissertation; Feb. 27. 2004

René Fink
Development of a New Benchmark Suite for Evaluating
Parallel Simulation Techniques

diploma disputation; Feb. 24. 2004

Gunar Maletzki, Peter Dünow
Motion Programming KuKa Robot
current status; Feb. 17. 2004

Christina Deatcu
MatlabDEVS Toolbox
current status; Nov. 28. 2003

René Fink
Comparison on Parallel Simulation Techniques
project disputation; Nov. 10. 2003

Peter Dünow
Introduction KuKa Robot
tutorial; Oct. 28. 2003

Andreas Führ
Solid Process Simulation
project disputation; Oct. 27. 2003

Gunnar Maletzki
Simulation Based Robot Control
current status MEng. project; Oct. 27. 2003

Gunnar Maletzki
Conclusion of Problems in Process Coupled Simulation with Stateflow
final overview; Oct. 23. 2003

Martin Kremp
Process Coupled Simulation
current status; Oct. 17. 2003

Christian Stenzel
HLA within Matlab
current status; Oct. 10. 2003

Jacky Ölscher
Speech Pattern Recognition with Matlab
current status; Oct. 02. 2003