Fields of studies „Nautical Science/Maritime Transport” and “Ship’s Operation Technology”

The Department of Maritime Studies offers the possibility of an information day in the fields of „Nautical Science/Maritime Transport” and “Ship’s Operation Technology” for interested students. Students that are interested in the fields of „Nautical Science/Maritime Transport” and “Ship’s Operation Technology” already graduated from school are gladly invited as well.

In the framework of existing cooperation (Public-Private-partnership) of Hochschule Wismar and the AIDA Academy, people, which are interested in training at the Academy, have the possibility to get to know the Academy subsequent to the Orientation Day.

Framework schedule
Time Framework schedule* Place/Lecturer
08:00 Welcoming the group Meeting place is the entrance of the "Maritime Simulation Centre" (MSCW)
08:15 Reading by a staff member Global importance of seafaring, development of the fleets, staff requirements
09:00 Reading by a student becoming an officer, living aboard a ship, tasks of ships officers and more
10:15 Guided Tour (Campus, Machinery and plant Laboratory) Get to know the Department of Maritime Studies
11:00 Lunch break Time for a refreshment in the student's club "Sumpf"
11:30 The party interested in Nautical Science visit a. o. the Bridge No. 1 of the "Ship Handling Simulator" of the MSCW Steering a big vessel on your own? No Problem!
11:30 The party intersted in Engineering visits the machinery and Plant Laboratory as well as the "Ship Engine Simulator" of the MSCW Hands-on technology
13:30 Course Guidance Service Time for answers to questions of study related measures
14:00 Round about 14:00 the Information Day is over  
*subject to change    

Contact person information day

General student advisory service (Maritime department only)

Important information

Please note that the bachelor degree course "Marine electrical engineering", the fields of study “Transport Operation and Logistics” and “Plant and Supply Technology” are not presented at this information day. The number of participants is limited to 15 people for organizational reasons. After registration you will be given a confirmation of participation. The information day is integrated into the daily study routine. That why a change of plan on short notice is possible. Minimal number of participants is 5 persons.