Field of studies: Plant and Supply Technology

Graduates of the field of studies “Plant and Supply Technology” find their field of activity as specialists in power-, heating- and supply engineering, in maintenance areas, in power plant technology, in testing of industrial installations, in companies involved in mechanical engineering, thermal or energetic plants as well as in ship’s operation technology and maritime industry.

Commitment in project management, project planning or in research is possible as well.

What is “Plant and Supply Technology” about?

  • Design
  • Dimensioning
  • Operation
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Service (on both supplier and operator side)

of plants and systems of:

  • Power generation (renewable and fossil)
  • Building services engineering (ventilation technology, air conditioning and refrigeration facilities)
  • Industrial engineering like f.e. long distance heating, water and sewage technology, supply and disposal systems
  • …and all components of the systems mentioned above

Student advisory service

Orientation day AVT


Bachelor of Science

Beginning of the course

Each winter semester

Duration of studies

7 semesters