Study opportunities at the Department of Maritime Studies, Systems Engineering and Logistics

If you are interested in a professional development in maritime shipping, you can choose between the fields of studies Nautical Science/Maritime Transport, Ship's Operation Technology or Electrical engineering in Ship's Operation.

If you prefer to work on land, you can study with us in the fields of studies Transport Operations and Logistics, Plant and Supply Technology or Electrical engineering for Shipbuilding.

General study-related information for interested persons


All lessons in bachelor degree courses will be held in german language.

Application for foreign students

Please contact at first the International Office.


There is only the possibility of an online-application. It is only activated between Mai 1st and July 15th. Key date for the winter semester of the current year is July 15th. In an event of incapacity the application in paper can be requested at the study counselling office.

Starter guide for foreign students

Foreign students: Please read our "Starter guide for foreign students"

Place of Study

For the Bachelor degree courses “Nautical Science / Transport Operations” and “Ship’s Operation Technology / Plant and Supply Technology”: except for one laboratory experiment (materials engineering) all other lectures take place in Warnemünde. The lectures for the Master’s degree course “Operation and Management of Maritime Systems” take place completely in Warnemünde.

Fresher brochure

All new students receive either in the preparatory course or during registration the fresher brochure of the Department of Maritime Studies. That brochure contains various information to facilitate the beginning of their studies and to support a brief initial phase of acclimatization. Among other things you are introduced to the most important contact persons to assure that you know right from the beginning who to approach in case of appearing questions. 

Tuition fees

There are no tuition fees in our house, only a semester fee (further information in the brochure “Information für Studieninteressierte”).

Information for prospective students

Here you find information of all natures regarding studying at the Department of Maritime Studies – clearly arranged in a compact design. We hope to clarify many possible questions with this brochure "Informationen für Studieninteressierte" (Information for prospective students; 3,2 MB). This broschure is only in german language available.


The admission requirements and the rules for the pre-study work placement period you find at the examination- and study regulations (Prüfungs- und Studienordnungen = PSO). The PSO of the courses of study as well as the examination regulations and also the module description you find ready for download (only in german language available) on each course-website.
Framework Examination Regulations you can find »here.


Enrollment is done each winter semester.

For sailors: The Seaman's Book...

...Fitness for Sea Service Certificate and an certificate for successful participation in a Basic Safety Training. In case you are interested in the courses of study “Nautical Science” or “Ship's Operation Technology”, please note that for duty on merchant vessels a Seaman's Book, a Fitness for Sea Service Certificate and the above mentioned Basic Safety Training certificate is required. A valid passport can be potentially advantageous. The details for the Fitness for Sea Service Certificate you can find in the “Regulations for Fitness for Sea Service” ( “Verordnung über die Seetauglichkeit”). A Fitness for Sea Service Certificate can only be issued by a approved medical doctor. A list with approved medical doctors is available on the site well please get familiar with the "Verordnung über die Befähigungen der Seeleute in der Seeschifffahrt (Seeleute-Befähigungsverordnung - See-BV)" in the relevant version.

Study guidance

Our study organization employee Mrs Fischer gladly advises you in person or by telephone from Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 11.15 am as well as Tuesday and Thursday between 12.45 and 15.00 pm. If you want to have a personal consultation,  please arrange an appointment with Mrs Fischer.

Student Advisory Service